Amazon Launches Private-Label Snack Line

Amazon’s push into the private-label business continued this month, with the launch of its latest brand, Wickedly Prime. Unlike Amazon’s more recent entries in the private label space, such as Happy Belly, Mama Bear and Presto!, Wickedly Prime is the first brand since the debut of Amazon Elements two years ago to make its affiliation with Amazon known.

This represents a strategic shift in how Amazon is approaching its private label business. Instead of making it nearly impossible to tell which brands are made by Amazon, Wickedly Prime embraces its Amazon affiliation.

Not only does it have “Prime” in its name, the boxes feature the iconic Amazon “smile” in the brand’s logo, and the product packaging even states “Distributed by Amazon Fulfillment Services,” notes the e-commerce data measurement firm, One Click Retail, in a new report that analyzed the success of the brand’s launch.

Amazon’s previous private label goods only stated “AFS Brands LLC”  on their packaging, for comparison’s sake.

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